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Ivory Coat has made some updates

Not just another pet food

When you select Ivory Coat dog or cat food, you’re choosing a quality product that’s made right here in Australia with locally sourced meat as the #1 ingredient.

With options for dogs and cats of every size, age, and breed, all of Ivory Coat’s dry, wet, chilled and frozen products taste great and offer your pet complete and balanced nutrition. With a choice of wholegrain or grain-free dry and wet dog food, as well as grain free dry and wet cat food, Ivory Coat ensures your four-legged friend feels happy and healthy every day.

High quality, natural ingredients

Delicious and nutritious, Ivory Coat’s dog and cat food is like nothing else you’ll find in your local pet store. As well as quality Australian protein as the #1 ingredient, our products include the added goodness of superfoods, fruits, vegetables and wholegrains. We’ll never compromise on nutrition, nor add cheap fillers or nasty additives. Just quality, wholesome ingredients your dog or cat will love.

Meat is the #1 ingredient for muscle maintenance and taste
Superfoods, including blueberries and kale, for antioxidants
Salmon oil, coconut oil and flax seeds, for a healthy skin and coat
Vitamins and minerals for complete and balanced nutrition
A natural prebiotic, Inulin, for intestinal health
Natural fibre for healthy digestion
The REAL dogs of Ivory Coat

Whole grain vs grain free

We know diet plays an important role in our own lives, so why should it be any different to our pets? When it comes to choosing a quality pet food, we want one that will support our precious family member’s health and bring out their best. 

I have been feeding my dog Ivory Coat since he was a puppy and couldn’t be happier with the brand. He loves eating it and its good to know he is getting a good quality, Australian made product.
We moved our 4 year old Burmese cat, Lucy onto Ivory Coat Dry Cat Dog Food 3 months ago. Since moving our cat onto the ocean fish & salmon flavour she has never looked back! She used to be a fussy eater, but has always eaten Ivory Coat with a minimum of fuss and her coat is shining now as a result of the grain free food! I on the other hand rest easy in the fact I am buying an Australian Made product.
Zoe Jean
Great product. My 1.5 year old pug x Brussels Griffon is a highly fussy eater. After trying a few of the different premium grain free dry dog food brands, and having issues with him eating his daily recommended amount with all of them, it was a relief to find something he loves. Highly recommend.
Stacey Lee