Here are some fun ideas to help keep your best friend entertained on those long days.

  • Play ‘Sniff and Sneak’. Hide treats around the house and let your dog use their amazing sense of smell to sniff them out.
  • Make them a ‘Pup Pop’. Put dry food in a small container, fill it with water and freeze it. Your dog will have great fun playing with the ice.
  • Play the which hand game. Take a small treat and place it in one hand. Hold both of your hands out towards your dog and have them pick which hand it's in.
  • Teach your dog to chase bubbles. Start by blowing a couple, pointing them out and encouraging them to chase.
  • Or what about screen time for dogs? Yes, it exists and there are a bunch of free videos on YouTube you can check out.
  • Set up an indoor obstacle course. Start by teaching your dog to go over or under a piece of furniture, then add blankets to make a more elaborate course.
  • Give them some water play. Get out the sprinkler or hose and encourage your dog to run around and chase the water. Just be mindful of any water restrictions in your area when you do this.
  • Try interval training for your dog. Time 3 sets of 5 minute training exercises for your dog in your backyard. This is very stimulating for dogs and will wear them out.
  • Learn to give them a doggy massage. Start with gentle petting, then massage then massage the dog's neck with your fingertips, move down to the shoulders, then the legs and the chest, work your way down their back, and finish with the back legs. This idea is great for any dog but an older dog or a dog with arthritis will really benefit. Just make sure you stop if your dog seems uncomfortable.