Have you ever woken up one day and realised you hated your job? Of course you have, but have you ever done anything about it? These people have; they changed their entire lives with a fresh start in their careers, and they’re here to inspire you to do the same!

1. Nikki Thomas - From Stressed To Blessed

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re trapped in your job. Nikki Thomas escaped her office stress and became her own boss. “I used to work in a stressful office role. I was stressed and broken. So much so my 'in-house work' doctor prescribed me anti-depressants and therapy so I could just carry on in the workplace and keep working myself to death. At the end of the year, I couldn't take it anymore and left my job, my relationship and my house. I completely started again! Best thing I ever did. I picked up my Psychology degree again and retrained. I became a certified coach, and now coach people in creating the corporate career on their terms. One that works with your wellbeing and show that it is possible - you just need to remember your worth. “ Find out more about Nikki Thomas Coaching by following her on Facebook.

2. Lisa Campey - Ultimate Career Mum

It’s always difficult to become a mother with a career. With your job position in the air, it’s a struggle to keep yourself going. Lisa Campey proved that you can have a baby and a career, by following her own path. “My drastic career change happened after the birth of my son. Pre-baby I worked as an HR Executive, where I lived and worked overseas. After the birth of my son, I realised I couldn't go back to my old job and have someone else raise him. So, I started an online maternity and nursing dress rental business and I love it.” Get inspired and find out more about Bump Style by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

3. David Allen - Life Changer

Sometimes it’s the moments that you don’t expect that will change your life. David Allen dramatically changed his life after a series of illnesses took over. “I had a successful role in Corporate Sales. It gave me a comfortable lifestyle, I drove an Aston Martin, lived in a huge apartment overlooking the ocean in Bond and was fortunate enough not think too much about money. Then, I got sick with glandular fever and chronic fatigue and ended up housebound for many weeks. I went from being highly social to insular due to illness. I got pretty down, then I was sent a VitaStiq from someone in Europe. I used it as part of my rehabilitation. It had such a dramatic impact on me, that I quit my job and purchased the rights for Asia Pacific.

It’s been tough going from a regular salary, but so exhilarating and I love being able to help other people achieve better health. I used sickness to transform my life in an entirely different direction.“ Find out more about David and VitaStiq by following them on Facebook.

4. Susan Pierotti - From Concertos To Creative text

Sometimes even the job you prepared your whole life for isn’t the one you’re meant to be in. Susan Pierotti showed the world how you can move into a whole new role, even after years of clinging to your what you thought was your dreams. “I wanted to play the violin from a very early age. I had years of lessons, won competitions, went to music camps, and ended up freelancing for nine years and then getting a top job in an orchestra for another 23 years. However, the Classical music world can become toxic with fear, especially after a global financial crisis, the death of a major sponsor and changes in management personnel. I couldn't work there anymore if I wished to remain sane.

What else could I do? I'd studied for and spent my whole working life in Classical music. How did the skill of scraping horsehair onto metal strings equate with any other profession? I have always been an avid reader. I have excellent grammar and spelling skills and I like my own company - working from home was not going to be a problem. I began editing and proofreading books. I also developed a business that offers written materials to small businesses (blogs, newsletters, brochures). But my biggest achievement is, I have written my own book! Never in a million years did I think that I would become the author that other avid readers would read. “ You can find out more about her company, Creative Text, by following them on Facebook.

5. Steven Deveraux-Stanford - The Dream Chaser

We all know that pets can change your life, but who would have thought they could change your life like this? Steven Deveraux-Stanford changed his life after getting his furry pal and has never looked back. “As a boy from the outer suburbs of Adelaide my dream, was, well to be an estate agent. From the age of 12, I read the local newspaper real estate sections from cover to cover religiously. I spent 14 years in real estate, in Adelaide, opening offices in London for one of their largest real estate groups, before returning to Sydney working for high-profile agencies like McGrath & Christies Great Estates.

I then opening my own agency in 2004, this agency went on to be recognised as one of the ‘Top 5 Estate Agencies’ internationally, however, I later sold this in 2012 looking for a change in direction… little did I know where it would lead me. I spent a year looking for work, finding difficulties as being labelled as ‘too entrepreneurial’ or unable to work in large corporates after owning my own businesses… It wasn’t until I got my dog Cooper, a miniature Schnauzer that I saw a direction… Cooper had numerous skin and allergy issues growing up, and I could find no Australian and natural products on the market to service his needs. From this, my current business Ivory Coat Companion Goods was conceived. I put together a team, the best in the industry to help, consisting of veterinarians, animal nutritionists and chemists to make it happen.

This business has gone from an idea to within 3 years, ranked as one of the fastest growing start-ups (Financial Review Fast Starters List) producing millions of kilograms each year of natural Australian made food, treats and grooming products for both dogs and cats. We now service more than 800 retailers nationally and help tens of thousands of consumers each month through a dedicated team in three states. I credit the growth and success to the support from consumers for our uniquely Australian quality products, and ethos to put the animal first. So, from real estate agent to the manufacture, and distribution of one of Australia’s fastest growing pet brands.” Find out more about Ivory Coat by following them on Facebook and Instagram So if you see your little furry pal sitting on their bed, give them cuddle. They could change your life forever!

6. Allison Greenland - From A Dream To A Reality

It’s the dream, to turn your passions into a reality, but Allison Greenland actually did it, and is here to show you that you can do it too! “When I first started my career, I had a Bachelor's in Business in Marketing. After working in sales and marketing for several years, I decided that it just wasn't for me. I was working with a university and speaking with teachers on a daily basis, and their stories inspired me to go back and get my Master's in Education. I loved teaching children and did so for many years, but eventually I, decided that I wanted to focus more on curriculum, and did my PhD in Curriculum in Teaching. After having two kids, I decided that full-time teaching was no longer the best option for me with young children. I wanted to share the passion of my dissertation research on reading comprehension in children, as well as what I had learned while teaching creative writing to adults, with others.

I made the plunge to start my own creative writing and reading classes for kids called Leap into Literacy. Now into my third year, I feel like each of my different qualifications (including the marketing!) have finally come into play. I really love the fact that I get to write curriculum that I am passionate about, and that the kids enjoy. Best of all, the feedback from parents I receive is overwhelming. Some people know what they want to do from the beginning and set down that path to complete it. For me, I think my path may have been more of a circular shape with a couple of alternating routes, but in the end I landed exactly where I was meant to be!” Find out more about Leap Into Literacy, by following them on Facebook.

7. Adam Jelic - Goal Master

Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith, and that’s what Adam Jelic did to change his entire life. He took his side-business and made it into a stationary giant that inspires others to reach their goals. ”In 2016 I took the leap of faith and left my role in sales and jumped into my side business full-time. I'm the founder of an inspirational stationery company called Mi Goals which creates purposeful stationery that helps people take the action to create the best version of themselves and get shit done. For years I struggled to find a product on the market that would help me work on my goals, was a daily planner and was well designed, so I decided to create my own. Since the first Mi Goals diary was stocked in a single Melbourne bookstore, Mi Goals stationery can now be found in over 250+ retailers around the world.” Find out more about Mi Goals by following them on Instagram and Facebook.

8. Scott Pendlebury - Life Renovator

Inspiration can come from anywhere; so can change. Scott Pendlebury changed his life dramatically when he moved from a career as an investment banker to running his own business. “ I went from an investment banker for over 20 years overseeing multi-billion dollar transactions to setting up an online renovation products as an entrepreneur helping homeowners with their bathroom and kitchen aspirations, Renovator Store.” Get inspired by following Renovator Store on Facebook.

9. Nicole Lander - Kid At Heart

Don’t let anyone tell that toys are just for kids, or that video games won’t get you anywhere, because Nicole Lander has just proven them wrong. “Starting with a few thousand dollars and an idea, to take a video game and experience it LIVE, my business has morphed into a nationwide kids’ party rental business. Prior to launching Laser Tag in a Box I worked as a public servant as personnel & policy officer for diverse groups from firefighters to attorneys. From civil service to mock civil war!” Find out more about Laser Tag In a Box by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

10. Jo Green - Try, Try Again

Sometimes if you fail, you have to try again and again to get to where you need to be! Jo Green is proof that no matter how many times you try, you should never give up on yourself. "I'm on my 4th career! I've worked in relocation, market research and fundraising for charities, and am now a career change coach. I felt like a square peg in a round hole in my previous roles and realised that I needed to take some time to understand more about myself, my interests, motivation and skills before moving into my next role. Doing that I realised that I'd learnt a lot through changing careers, that I'm really interested in psychology and what makes people tick, and that I'd love to help other people to have a less stressful time than I did in finding meaningful work.“ Find out about Jo Green Coaching by following them on Facebook.

It doesn’t matter if you want to work in the circus or become an interior designer. Grab your decor, grab a hula hoop and live your dreams! If these guys can do it, anyone can! MyDeal.com.au