Say hello to good gut health

Now with the added goodness of wholegrains

Ivory Coat’s new range of wholegrain dog food, with both dry and chilled options, offers a simple and easy way to look after your dog’s gut health. Nutrient-dense wholegrains - brown rice and oats - have been added to provide essential fibre for optimal bowel function, and to generate the slow-release energy your pet needs to get through a busy day. An option to grain free dog food, each product is also packed with specially-selected ingredients, including highly digestible peas, red lentils and beans, which offer a source of fibre and provide amino acids for overall digestive health.
Australian meat as the #1 ingredient
Whole grains and high-fibre ingredients for gut health
Free from wheat, corn and soy
Packed with natural ingredients
Added vitamins and minerals and trace nutrients
Ideal for all breeds, sizes and ages