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Ivory Coat Grain Free Foods

Not just another pet food.

Ivory Coat is a premium pet food that contains absolutely no grains or fillers. Our variety of pet food for dogs and cats contains natural ingredients plus added vitamins and minerals, including meat as the #1 ingredient and an variety of vegetables, fruits and superfoods.

Ivory Coat has a variety of foods for dogs and cats of every age and size. Our range of dry and wet food provides your companion with complete & balanced nutrition, while our range of dog treats is the perfect way to reward your canine companion. 

Try Ivory Coat for your pet today! Pick up a free sample at the counter of your nearest stockist.

Supporting complete health

The majority of what your companion is eating is just the first 5 ingredients on the pack. At Ivory Coat, we do not compromise on nutrition by including cheap fillers in any of our dry and wet foods. Our food is free from wheat, corn, oats and soy, and contains no artificial colours or flavours. 

Take the challenge and compare our first five ingredients to other pet food products. You will find Ivory Coat dry and wet foods contain:

- Meat is the #1 ingredient, for muscle maintenance and taste

- Known superfoods, like blueberries and kale, for antioxidants

- Salmon oil, Coconut Oil, and Flaxseeds, for a healthy skin & coat

- Vitamins and minerals, for complete & balanced nutrition 

- Natural prebiotic, chicory root, for intestinal health 

- Natural fibre, for healthy digestion

Read more about Ivory Coat by clicking the link below. 

I buy ivory coat in many flavours grain free of course. It's a good product. Chicken free meat free some are which is good because both of my dogs are allergic to chicken. Ivory coat very good ingredients. I suggest u try grain free . Your dogs will be happy u chose this product for them
Great product. My 1.5 year old pug x Brussels Griffon is a highly fussy eater. After trying a few of the different premium grain free dry dog food brands, and having issues with him eating his daily recommended amount with all of them, it was a relief to find something he loves. He now finishes his daily serve without any issues, and most of the time is hunting for more. Highly recommend.
Stacey Lee
My miniature dachshund was sooo fussy and refused to eat any and all dry food, until I found Ivory Coat. He loves it & the proof is in his shiny coat and his poos are healthy - small, scheduled, and non offensive! I give him 1/4 cup for breakfast and 1 frozen chicken neck at night - this diet seems to be perfect for him.