Ivory Coat Companion Goods joins Real Pet Food Company Ivory Coat has established itself as a premium supplier within the pet specialty and veterinary channels, having developed a solid and loyal customer base with its high-quality grain free dog and cat foods and all-natural grooming products.

Fortuitously, Real Pet Food Company’s acquisition of Consolidated Manufacturing Enterprises (CME) earlier this year from where the Ivory Coat range is manufactured, saw synergies and a strong pre-existing relationship between the parties emerge.

Under the leadership of current Ivory Coat CEO & Founder Steven Deveraux-Stanford, Real Pet Food Company will grow a strong Pet Specialty channel, with a continued commitment to specialty retailers, supporting the growth agenda that the two businesses combined will provide.

Ivory Coat will become the cornerstone to the new Pet Specialty division joining quality brands including Dr B's BARF, Tucker Time & Billy+Margot.

David Grant, CEO for Real Pet Food Company stated, “This acquisition represents an important step in the company’s strategy given the strength of the Ivory Coat brand in the specialty channel”. He went on to say, “Importantly, it allows us to continue to focus on natural and grain free ranges that are becoming increasingly important to our consumers”.

Steven Deveraux-Stanford, CEO and Founder of Ivory Coat, supported the comments, “Both companies share a vision to not only produce the best products for our pet’s health and wellbeing, but also support for local Australian manufacturing. This merger and the resources it brings, will see further improvements and expansion of the Ivory Coat brand, and product ranges benefiting Australian consumers and their companions.”

Real Pet Food Company has been owned by Quadrant Private Equity since July 2015. They are the market leaders in Dog Roll and Fresh pet products, as well as have a strong presence in all wet and dry pet foods. The Company has made a number of strategic acquisitions in the past two years, aimed at building brands that offer healthy and natural ingredients and promoting the health and wellbeing of pets.