When it comes to feeding your cat or dog commercial pet foods, it is very easy to be confused over which style of food to choose, especially when there are many options on your supermarket shelves. It’s also natural to want to make meal times interesting for your pet, yet it can also be hard to know when and how to combine different options.

When you choose Ivory Coat, you can be rest assured that all of our meal-based pet food options are nutritionally complete and balanced. This means that regardless of the format you choose, your pet will be getting the quality nutrition it needs, in the right amounts.

However, in addition to nutrition, the format you choose can have other health benefits. Here’s a quick overview:

Why choose dry food?

Dry food provides convenience. It can be left in your dog or cat’s bowl for longer, which is particularly useful for animals that like to graze or take their time.

Dry food can be used as a training reward, and it is less messy than wet formats. Dry foods tend to be better for your dog or cat’s dental health as the dry kibble offers a crunchy texture and abrasive action against the teeth as the pet chews. It’s important to note, however, that actively brushing your pet’s teeth is still the best to keep their pearly whites shining.

Dry food can also offer better economic value for larger dog sizes as it is more concentrated than wet food, meaning you don’t need to feed as much to give your pet what it needs to thrive.

Why choose wet food?

Essentially, wet food has more moisture content, which some pets may prefer. The level of moisture in wet products is similar to that of fresh meat. This higher moisture in wet food provides a smart way to provide hidden water for fussy four-legged friends who may not like to drink voluntarily. This hydration increases urine volume, and therefore may help in urinary tract health for pets which are susceptible.

Wet pet food is typically lower in energy compared to dry pet food. This provides a fantastic option for pets and their owners who are concerned with their pet’s weight management.

Do you find it hard to resist those big puppy dog eyes asking for more, even though you have fed to their requirements? It’s much harder to overfeed pets on wet food, and the greater volume required for their daily energy needs means it provides a more substantial meal, filling them up.

In Ivory Coat’s wet range, you’ll find many taste and texture combinations. The softer textures can be particularly be helpful for pets with age-related concerns, from young puppies and kittens whose teeth and food choices are developing, to the very old who may have trouble chewing. The aroma of wet and chilled foods can also be beneficial to encourage eating for the fussiest of pets, and can be warmed up easily to increase the aroma.

While it’s not as convenient as dry pet food, wet options can provide a deeper emotional connection. The greater preparation required can increase your pet’s anticipation for its delicious Ivory Coat meal!

When should you mix wet and dry pet food?

The amount you like to mix your pet’s wet and dry food comes down to you, your lifestyle, and what your pet needs and enjoys.

Feeding a combination of wet and dry formats provides a wide range of health options, in addition to the fundamental nutrition your pet needs for its health and wellbeing.

Just remember to balance the total amount of energy by reducing the amount you give of each format. The feeding guide on the pack is there to help you.