Ivory Coat Companion Goods joined the Real Pet Food Company in July of this year, to aid our rapid expansion of the brand both domestically and internationally. Since 1994 the Real Pet Food Company has been reimagining how pet owners in Australia and New Zealand show real love for their dogs and cats. The opportunity now is to take this to the world.

Today, the majority owner of the Real Pet Food Company, Quadrant Private Equity, announced that it has entered into an agreement to divest its interest in the company to a partnership comprising some of the Asia-Pacific’s leading investors.

“It’s always been part of our founding vision for Ivory Coat to take Australian products to the world…” said Steven Deveraux-Stanford, founder of Ivory Coat Companion Goods.

Steven Deveraux-Stanford remains with the team, appointed as Pet Specialty Director for the Real Pet Food Company, and will help lead the expansion of the Pet Specialty brands.

“Its business as usual for us in Australia,” said Steven.

The Real Pet Food Company's seven Australian manufacturing sites remain, of which employ more than 900 Australians, as do the two New Zealand sites. Ivory Coat Companion Goods will continue to manufacturer its much loved products in the same facilities, by the same team moving forward.

Quadrant Private Equity invested into the Real Pet Food Company in June 2015 alongside the founding Quinn family and management. Since then, the Company has grown significantly through innovation in brands, not only Ivory Coat, but products and markets across ranges such as Nature’s Gift, Nature’s Goodness, Farmers Market, Billy + Margot and Jimbos.

The new partner group will continue to drive innovation and growth in Australia and New Zealand, alongside the Quinn family and management. The partners will also take advantage of their regional and international operations to help grow the Real Pet Food Company internationally.

“Everybody wins…” said David Grant, the CEO of the Real Pet Food Company. “For the past two years Quadrant have supported us to grow strongly in our home markets. Now our Asia-Pacific partners are ideally suited to support us as we look to take our success to the Chinese and North American markets.”

“Our products being Australian-made gives us a significant advantage. Our provenance will be important as we grow offshore. All the while, we will maintain our passion and focus on being be the best, most caring and innovative, pet food company in Australia and New Zealand.”

Nick Dowling, CEO of New Hope Group in Australia & New Zealand and spokesperson for the partner group said “this is a logical next step for a real local success story. Our partners share a common vision for the Real Pet Food Company. The opportunity to each bring our respective capabilities will help the company accelerate its growth and open new market opportunities.”