General questions
Q: Can I order Ivory Coat pet food online?

During the Covid-19 lockdown, our customers have been asking where they can order Ivory Coat pet food products online. Look at your local pet store and specialty pet retailer online options for home delivery or click and collect, or check out our website to see what is available for free delivery direct to your home, even rural! Online sale on now for short-dated stock.

Q: Do I need to stock up on Ivory Coat pet food during the Covid-19 pandemic?

We would like to assure you that our warehouses here in New Zealand are full. We are working closely with our supply chain to ensure business continuity and we are actively increasing our stock holding to meet demand. This will allow pet stores and specialty pet retailers across New Zealand to continue to stock Ivory Coat so that our loyal customers, your pets, can continue to enjoy their favourite food throughout this pandemic.

Q: How should I transition my companion to Ivory Coat?

Introducing any new food to your dog or cat should be done gradually, so as to avoid the risk of any stomach upsets. If you’re introducing a new type of food, or variety, we recommend doing it over the course of a week. As per the diagram below, start by substituting your pet’s current food with just 25% of the new Ivory Coat food you’re introducing. To ensure you’re feeding your pet the correct amount overall, be careful to substitute 25% of the recommended portion size that’s included on each pack - don’t just fill up the remaining space. Over the course of the week, provided your dog or cat adjusts well, you can then increase the percentage of the new food, so it eventually replaces the previous option entirely.

Q: How many times a day should I feed my companion?

You can feed your pet one or two meals a day with our foods. If feeding twice daily, be sure to split the daily feeding amount in half for each meal. Feeding more than once a day may help to prevent bloat and aid in better digestion.

Q: What are the benefits of grain free versus regular pet food?

Regular pet food (the kind that does include natural grains) is still a popular choice for many pet owners as it provides the energy, fibre and essential fats their four legged friend needs. Grain free can be a taste preference for some pets. We advise checking with your vet before making any major dietary changes.

Q: Your feeding guide suggests to feed less food than my current food, why?

Not all foods are made the same, and the specification of our food is very high. We have a higher meat content and don’t use any unnecessary fillers, meaning you often need to feed less of our foods. Our guides are based on recommended calorie intake by weight. Keep in mind, however, that these are just guides. Feeding will depend on your pet’s breed, age and level of activity. If in doubt, please consult your vet.

Q: My companion is overweight, what do you recommend?

We have products specifically for dogs and cats who are overweight. Also be sure to check you are feeding in accordance with our guidelines and not overfeeding, remembering adding additional snacks and meals to your companion’s diet will add calories outside of what we recommend. Frequent activity is also ideal for weight management.

Q: Are your foods balanced for every day feeding?
Yes, all of our foods meet the Australian standards and those of the AAFCO – could expand to Yes, all of our foods meet the Australian standard and nutrition guidelines of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).
Q: Is the feeding guide for my puppy’s current weight or estimated adult weight?

The guides are based on your companion’s current weight and are increased gradually as they grow.

Q: Will my dog put on weight with this food if he/she isn’t very active?

This is unlikely, unless you’re overfeeding. Our foods, by industry standard, are lower in calories than most.

Q: How should I store my food?

Like all food products, our foods are sensitive to moisture and changes in temperature, therefore to ensure your food stays fresh, it should be stored within the bag, resealed at all times, in a cool dry place, away from heat, direct sunlight and/or humidity.

Q: Why is there sometimes variation in colour of the kibble?

As we use no artificial colourings, dyes or added preservatives in our foods, the final colour will vary according to the colour of the raw ingredients. The ingredients and nutritional value in every bag remains the same, regardless of the colour.

Q: My companion is experiencing loose stools. Why is this?

Your companion may experience loose stools when transitioning to a new food. This is common. Loose stools can also occur when changing to different meat protein in your dog or cat’s diet, or as a result of overfeeding. If your companion doesn’t experience firmer stools after a couple of days, we recommend speaking with your veterinarian.

Q: How often should I change formulas for my companion?

Just like people, your companion may get bored eating the same food every day. As such, we suggest switching our formulas every few months so they can experience our full range of unique proteins.

Q: What should I do if my companion won’t eat Ivory Coat products or I have a specific issue with a product?

Please contact us here. If your pet continues to refuse to eat, please speak with your vet.

Q: Is Ivory Coat still Australian owned?

The investors in our company have changed - however our ingredients, sourcing, suppliers and manufacturing all remain within Australia. Having overseas investors allows other dedicated pet owners the opportunity to feed our high quality products, and by continuing to purchase our products you are supporting the many Australians it takes to make our food.