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Supporting Australianaturally


Everything you need to know!

To make an informed choice when deciding on the best nutrition for your companion use this guide for what for what to look for and how to compare products.


Australian made quality

Australia has access to some of purest raw ingredients in the world, and has manufacturing guidelines and quality standards that are revered around the globe.

Ivory Coat Companion Goods is a licensee of the Australia Made Campaign, and therefore abides to a code of conduct and guidelines for the sourcing and manufacture of their Australian Made products, all of which bear the Australian Made logo.

We are committed to Australia and to showcasing Australian products and quality to the world.

No irradiation products

As we manufacture within Australia from Australian ingredients none of our food is irradiated.

What is the RSPCA's stand on pet food irradiation?

"RSPCA Australia’s position is that pet food should not be irradiated. Currently there is a ban on the irradiation of imported cat food and we commend the Minister for implementing this ban. This ban followed scientific evidence and the recent ‘Orijen cats’ cases that showed an association between ingestion of irradiated imported cat food and severe neurological impairment, which in some cases was fatal. There is also a requirement that irradiated imported dog food be labelled ‘Must not be fed to cats’." RSPCA Australia Website.

Ivory Coat Companion Goods will never sell irradiated products.